RSemailing software

RSemailing is simple software for mass mailing. Its use is very simple.

Use program:

In first step you must set acces to your email acount. If RSemailing is launched and acces is not set, setting window will be displayed.

In this window we set :   From           - your email address

                                    Client host    - client host setting, for example =

                                    PORT           - port settind

                                    Enable SSL   - check if enable SSL is needed

                                    Time out      - time out setting

                                    Password     - password to your acount, if chceckbox under password is checked, password is visible

If setting is complete, click on Ok button.

Using of main window is very simple. In first we must open address book. Address book is *.txt file which contains contacts. Every contact is on new line vithout separator. Now simply fill Email subject and Email body and click on button Send Email. Email body may be simple text or HTML. If HTML is checked, to Email body we write HTML code.

Download RSemailing

example address book

RSemailing software

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Very simple, but usefull software. Great work.

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